(2018) A short performative film: A Character Study

The year is unknown but a strange girl wanders rural locations in Canada, all of which are mysteriously uninhabited. Who is she, how did she get here, what is she searching for?

This is a study of rural site through character and it is the first installment into a series of narratives that evoke a fantasy and science-fiction inspired world filled with odd characters, humor, nostalgia, kitsch and loneliness.

In this three-part series of short films, I channel an inner persona called “The Unreliable Narrator”. I pursue a journey with no clear purpose or intention, reacting to the sites and objects I find in a suspicious and dismissive manner. The sound of a train, ocean and the Electric Light Orchestra’s song “The Way Life’s Meant to Be” can be heard in the background, juxtaposed with the sound of the whistling wind. The films were shot and edited over the course of three months; the locations consisted of the small town of Orangeville, Ontario and the small village of Lanse Au’ Loup, Labrador.  

While filming took place in the small town of Orangeville, Ontario and the small village of Lanse Au’ Loup, Labrador; over ten different locations were used to shoot the entire film. All footage is performative, there were no re-shoots or practice runs. Specific locations were chosen spontaneously, with careful attention to the overall framing, the objects within the shots and the playful colours within these landscapes. There are recurring visuals that appear such as, fences and gates, safety signs and equipment, mountains and piles, industrial forms and vast fields.

The SOLITUDE films were featured on the online magazine publication She’s Got Wonder in October of 2018. The magazine is a community platform dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the work of young female identifying artists. To read the article, check out the button below.