Silver Signals

Silver Signals (2017) is a site specific performance piece in response to the Landmarks: Canada’s 150th event celebration. It responds to the hidden pop-culture history of the Scarborough Guild Park, fusing past with present.

During the second world war the site was used by the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRENS) to send messages through radio communication. The site was used to film the 2000 horror movie "The Skulls", the science fiction television show "Warehouse 13" and even Drake's music video "Headlines." Using a retro-television set which doubles as a radio, music spread through the park to communicate various narratives and moods. The song "Silver Spoon" by Eric Bibb came on the radio at that current time, which later was used to title the performance piece. The spontaneous and humorous use of the radio brings forgotten and hidden strengths to past narratives and re-invents them to celebrate this current period of time. It was during this performance that the persona of “The Unreliable Narrator" was born.       

While studying at the University of Waterloo in my third year, I became a part of the Landmarks project. Following a five-day intensive workshop in a forest, camping in Bancroft, Ontario, as a class we were challenged to produce works for the final exhibition in June at the Scarborough Guild Park. To read more about the project, view galleries of work produced over the course by the students place visit the link below: