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Outlandish (2018) is the final project for the thesis group show Yours Truly, exhibited at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery. This curated show by Ivan Jurakic encompasses the final fourth year of the undergraduate students. The title of the show is both a goodbye and a term of endearment, similar to the installation piece which is inspired by a memory.

This sculptural installation is a faux creation of the artist’s real memory of camping for the first time, in Bancroft Ontario. The camping experience brought forth a persona for her. The installation is an imagined set where she envisions this persona living. They take their retro television set, an Ursula Le. Guin novel, coffee trays, etc, all objects hold a playful whimsy and a complex narrative. The experience of camping was foreign to the artist, a memory worth putting in safekeeping. The installation is humorous but honest, featuring a picturesque landscape that is truly Canadian. Though the sculpture is fake in all aspect the memory is not, and in this way, sentimentality, humor, craft, kitsch and site are explored.