(2019) A “live” work out video with a wearable sculpture. A work in progress.


(2018) A short, performative character study.


(2018) A sculptural installation made of hand-crafted objects.

Radio Experiments

(2018) (take one, two, three) A series of three performative videos experimenting with found television radio.

between rocks and a hard place

(2017-18) A on-going hobby of collecting rocks, sculpting the rock out of earth clay and casting the rock with tin foil.

construction paper drawings

(2017) A small collection of charcoal reductive drawings of fake objects on construction paper

the grass is greener on the other side

(2017) A public intervention of borrowing real grass and replacing it with fake grass.


(2017) A site specific piece for the Lunatics Existentialist Gallery.

One Place

(2017) A experimental miniature made from craft materials, found objects and performative photographs.


(2017) A series of performative photographs with sculpture.

Silver Signals

(2017) A site specific performance with television radio for Landmarks: Canada’s 150th, and Unsettled project at Scarborough Guild Park.